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theorangerant's Journal

The Orange Rant
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This is a rant, the Orange Rant Online to be more specific. It's a world of its own, where we... erm... rant.

We encourage our members to be as random and creative as they want to be. Post pictures of rant scenes that you've drawn, show off your spiffy LJ icons, anything, really, as long as it falls within our basic and minimal rules.


Yes, y'all. We know, and we're sorry, but there -HAS- to be at least a little bit of order, even in the chaos that is the Orange Rant. Mods, feel free to alter these at any time.

  1. Membership is on an invite-only basis. We just don't accept random apps, sorry. Basically, if you haven't been told by one of the mods that you're wanted in the Rant, you won't be accepted. Sorry, we're snobs. ...But we're nice snobs!
  2. Please do not use chtspk, AlTeRnAtInG cAsE, l337 sp33k, or the like. While you may enjoy typing this way, it makes it INCREDIBLY annoying and difficult for other ranters to read. So... it's simple; don't do it.
  3. ANY ranter is allowed to have as many muses/daemons/familiars/whatever as desired. We're not going to limit that. However, if you -DO- have several muses, it might be nice to the other ranters to make a page briefly describing each one. That's not required, however.
  4. Please keep controversial topics out of the rant! We don't mind if you rant about them on your own LJ, but we don't want a huge fight flaring up in the rant! That's no fun! While we MAY all agree on some issues, we DON'T all have the same ideologies.