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webcomic! ^_^

PHOTI: Draco will be in it, right? ::grins hopefully::
Draco: Of course! I am possibly the most important character. Don't know why they don't call it the "Draco-verse"...
Remus: *sarcasm* I see you're the most modest as well. */sarcasm*
Sirius: You forget, he's related to me.
Remus: Ah. Of course.
James: Honestly, Remus. How could you forget the vanity of the Blacks? Add the normal Malfoy 'I'm-better-than-you' complex, and you get one seriously egotistical kid.
Snape: *snarks* Oh, and you aren't egotistical at all, Potter. 9.9
PHOTI: Hey! Don't start anything! ::glares at muses and Snape:: So, Draco's in, right? :-D (<-- How can you resist that smile?)
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