Big Ninja!! (ilovemyumbrella) wrote in theorangerant,
Big Ninja!!

Oh, my! How time flies when you're WAITING TO BE SORTED!!!

Max: I'm glad that everyone is so happy about how HBP is coming out soon (and I can't lie, I can't wait either!!), but I do beleife* that we have another important matter upon our hands!
Spleen: Indeed we do!
Max: And I also beleife that this important matter, nay, responsibility should be resolved with haste!
Spleen: Here, here!
Cat: Mrooaaw! (translation: "Huzzah!")
Spleen: Huzzah!
A Crowd of 'Innocent' Bystanders: Huzzah!
Max: .....
Spleen: I've got a little flag I can wave, if you'd like....
Max: Shut up! We need to resolve this issue!
A Bystander Who Should Know Better Than To Interrupt Max: You still haven't told us which issue.
Max: *stabs Bystander* Shut up! Yes, I'm getting to that! It's--
Cat: Mroaw Mroaw Mroaw Mroaw Mroaw Mroaw Mroooaaaaww!! (Translation: "Duhn Duhn Duhn Duhn Duhn Duhn Duuuuuhhn!!")
Max: My Sorting!
That Stupid Dead Bystander: I don't think anyone really cares about your sorting.
Max: I thought you were dead!! *stabs Bystander* Who cares what you think, anyway?!
Lifeless Corpse: It's not that they care what I think, it's that they're thinking the same thing.
Max: ..... Well, I suppose this is true. *stabs Lifeless Corpse a couple of times, just for good measure*
Bad Joke of the Post: Why does Santa have three gardens? So he can 'Ho! Ho! Ho!'

Wow..... That's bad.

*I beleife that 'belief' should be spelt 'beleif'
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